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We are proud to announce that Metal Munching Maniacs' Mechanical Mascot, “Totally Offensive”, is the 2004 Robot Fighting League National Featherweight Champion!


Robotic Combat: a sport that combines the creative and destructive aspects of human nature!”

After months of work in workshops and garages around the country, hand-made robotic warriors face off inside bullet-proof arenas in 3 minute duels that literally are “Steel Cage Death Matches!”

Image of Robot ANOREXIA

Two robots enter. One robot leaves... as a bunch of mangled parts!”

If you lose, you may be taking your robot home in a trash can. If you win, you may have as little as 15 minutes to charge batteries, repair damage, and get back in the box!

Image of Robot PEANUT

“I love the smell of Titanium in the morning!”

Welcome to the world of the Metal Munching Maniacs! We hope you'll buy our DVDs, come out and watch us fight, and be inspired to build your own robot and kick some metallic ass!

Image of Robot MAX WEDGE

“Tell us about what's left of your robot...”

Metal Munching Maniacs DVDs are jam-packed with exciting robot battles in weight classes from the 1lb antweights right on up to 340lb super-heavyweights, builder interviews and pit reports, with no annoying filler material! You'll learn how to make them, how to break them, and why duct tape fixes almost anything!

Image of Robot REDRUM

“Daddy, either you build us a robot, or we're getting a new Daddy who will!”

Combat Robotics is a sport for the whole family; some of the best drivers are still in elementary school. One of the most important things it teaches is good sportsmanship -- it's common to see a team getting help and spare parts from their next opponent (because everyone wants to win in the box, not win by forfeit).

Image of Robot BUTTERCUP

Damage is just weakness leaving your robot!”

Metal Munching Maniacs isn't just about great robotic combat action. It's also about teaching you how easy it is to build your own robot. Check out our illustrated construction tutorial and our links page for tons of information. Finally, the Combat Robot Gallery has pictures of many of the robots that appear on our discs; the solutions other builders came up with may inspire you to create something even more diabolical!

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Then get building, and perhaps your robot will appear on one of our future DVDs!

Daily Dose of Destruction!
Shrederator vs. Hexadecimator: Showers of titanium sparks erupt as full body spinner Shrederator grinds away at veteran flipper HexaDecimator. A Heavyweight matchup from the 2003 Nationals DVD. More Videos...

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Licensed to Drill:
Robert Woodhead

Our Fearless Leader shows you how easy it is to build your own combat robot in his Illustrated Tutorial. Did we mention the robot is the 2004 RFL Featherweight champion? And that it was built with simple hand tools? Trust us, if he can do it, you can too!

Link of the Day:
DC Waterjet: Need metal cut into strange shapes? DC Waterjet uses the Water-Pik of Doom to slice it exactly the way you want it. More Links...

Upcoming Robot Combat Events:
The Builders Database lists mosts of the upcoming robot combat events in North America, as does the Robot Fighting League Event Calendar.

Make an effort to come to an event; the action on our DVDs is insane, but it's nothing compared to the up-close-and-personal feeling of a 220lb heavyweight ramming into the Lexan a few feet in front of your nose! There's always lots of free souvenir robot shrapnel for the kids!

We hope to see you there; we'll be taping a lot of events in 2005!

Events already "in the can" and being prepared for release: Battle Beach II, Southwest Divisional Championships, Rocket City Robot Assault, NPC Charity Open, Robot Assault II and the 2004 RFL Nationals.

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